A funny collection of Twas The Night Before Christmas parodies

  Drugged Night Before Christmas

Posted to alt.jokes,alt.jokes.limericks by Ray Gaylog on 1997-10-26.
'Twas the night of Friday
and all through the town
no pigs were stirring
no narcs were around

The joints were all rolled
and stuffed into sacks
in dreams we'd get wasted
to the highest climax

When suddenly at the door
we heard three knocks
we all looked at each other
and said "oh fuck its the cops"

We opened the door
and to red eyes appeared
a pound of Colombian
and a keg of beer

The man standing next to it
wore only a smile
so we invited him in to party awhile

He spoke not a word
but proceeded to stroll
he opened a beer
and lit up a bowl

and as we all jammed
to the Greatful Dead
rings of incense
encircled our heads

and as he left
and bid us good night
he said "marijuana to all"
"and to all a good high"

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