A funny collection of Twas The Night Before Christmas parodies

  Howard Stern Night Before Christmas

Posted to alt.fan.howard-stern by Homer J, Flintstone (yabbadabba_doh@earthlink.net) on 2002-12-23.
Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the group
Pete Moss was expounding
his usual poop

Benrand was there posting
his political views
and in a Stern newsgroup
that just isn't news

J.J. DeMarco
just popped in to say
ju ehav enice eChristmas
then went on his way

so to not be forgotten
Sonando chimed in
ju ehav egood New Jear
(rumor has it they're twins)

then Minor repeated
that "svee boy" all day
till YQF
made that go away

and Cathead and CQ
so many to list
if I don't mention Vicki
do you think she'll get pissed?

well I'm starting to tire
of typing this shit
let me just say Merry Christmas
and now I will quit

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