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  Sexual Sheep Night Before Christmas

Posted to alt.west-virginia by northcountry (northcountry76@hotmail.com) on 2002-12-20.
'Twas a week before Christmas and down at the creche
'ol Joey was slippin' poor Lambchop the flesh.

Like a horse he was hung and his ass it was bare,
he was a' tappin some strange donning more wool than hair!

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
He sprang from his ewe to see what was the matter

The moon on the breast of his freshly shagged sheep
Gave a luster to the lanolin on his gum-booted feet

When what to his bloodgorged balls should appear
But eight Charleston po-leece-mans, approaching from the rear

They spotted ol' Joey his winky a hangin'
jumpin' out from behind the sheep he'd been bangin'

"Hold it right there you deranged lunatic!"
"You can't molest sheep with the end of your dick!"

"What's wrong Officer!" said Joey, now shrunken in fear,
"This is by-God West Virginny, it's a tradition 'round here!"

They wrapped him burlap and cinched up the sack
and gave him a cell with a big guy named Mack

Mack twitched up his nose When Joey drew near
"Ah smells me some booty. Hey joy boy come here!"

So Joey wound up trading places with Lambchop
Ol' Mack did Deliverance,'til he gave up his last drop

Now Joey's a bride in the Charleston jail
He's first choice of squeeze when Mack wants some tail

So next time you pass by a Nativity
Don't stop for a quickie or even to pee!

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